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About the President—A Brief Introduction to Jeff Blaney

 Jeff Blaney is a seasoned professional in the Insurance Fraud and Claims Investigation industry, with over 15 years of experience in traditional insurance claims investigations. His expertise includes investigations conducted for major insurers in the Workers Compensation and Casualty industries nationally. Jeff’s experience also extends to the transportation industry where he is an accomplished investigator in the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) arena. Jeff has also conducted private investigations in the medical malpractice area and has cultivated a niche market in the construction industry. His client base includes many Fortune 500 companies and other prestigious insurance companies, in addition to serving large to small size businesses.

 Jeff has experience in many fields of investigations and has spoken at numerous investigation and insurance conferences. His subject matters at these conferences are related to investigations, including, but not limited to “The Power of Surveillance”, “Red Flags in Claims Investigations”, and “How to Identify a Fraudulent Claimant.” These conferences are not only held in New Jersey. Because of his vast expertise, he has also been asked to speak in numerous other states.

 Jeff is currently the owner and supervisor of National Data Resources and manages a dedicated staff of investigators from his home office in Holmdel, New Jersey. Jeff has access to all current locate databases including driving records. He and his staff conduct investigations primarily in the Northeastern United States.

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